Thursday, January 18, 2007

Let's play darts - at the Olympics...

It seems that the debate has hotted up about the inclusion of darts at the Olympics.

Although darts will not be included at the Olympics in 2012 there is a case that it should be at least show cased as an exhibition at the 2012 Olympics for serious consideration at the 2016 Olympics.

There are many out there with a knee jerk response to darts that it is not a sport, but this is no longer the case as darts was officially recognised by the UK Sports Council 2 years ago.

The participation rates for darts in the UK is growing again, and this could be seen when over
5 million people watched Martin Adams narrowly win the the BBC Lakeside World Championship darts final, and 1.5 million people watched Raymond Van Barneveld live on Sky Sports as he won the PDC Darts World Championship final.


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